Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cade Newell Sargent #10 for us.

Little Cade was born 9-11-09. 7 lbs and 14 oz. He is named after his great grandpa Newell Sargent. He is so cute and grandpa and grandma are getting their kisses and loves in. Tiff is doing great, they are the cutest parents. so excited for them.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Devils Tower

Devl's Tower as we were coming in.

They had a Tower Trail that went around the base of the mountain and we took it. It was great.

Jeff said that this reminded him of Walker Texas Ranger! Hee hee. It actually is sacred ground to the indians and they come here each June to gather and put their prayer sacks in the trees.

Tower Trail. This is the side that is so quiet and peaceful. Love the mountains.

Little Big Horn/Devil's Tower

This is at Devil's Tower. They let the kids (hee hee) climb the boulders, but you had to have a permit to climb past that.

Jeff is looking at the wooden ladder that was used by the first climbers up Devil's Tower.

Little Big Horn Battlefield. So interesting to bring history alive. With my granddaughter Jessica.

This is last stand hill (Custard's last stand) Jeff with Jessica and Natalie.

This is something that Jeff has always wanted to do. He loves history, and he was in heaven.

Mt Rushmore

Justin, Jeff and Tyler (Jeff and Justin Jr.).

A flag for each state and when they entered the union.

Sturgis was the following week that we were there, but they were rolling in while we were there. Certainly a different lifestyle.

We had a great time at Mt Rushmore, it's amazing how they did that in their day and made them look so like them. Very impressive.

Friday, July 31, 2009

3-D and Me

I got to tend Nathan and Spencer while Ranay was in Canada and one afternoon we went to Ice Age 3 in 3-D. That is the first 3-D movie I have ever been to and it was so cool! Loved it, and loved the movie it was great.

Thompson Family Reunion

Jeff and his mom. She is sporting a cane these days. She was having fun poking everyone in the rear as they went through the line. Clarke and Krisit were in charge of the reunion this year and we had so much fun. Of course we ate, and then we did the amazing race and that about did me in. I haven't run that hard in years!!! Whew!! But we had fun. While the adults were off doing the amazing race, the kids were making hats and getting their faces painted. (below) Amy (pete's wife) is so talented painting, she did a great job on the kids. Then it was off to the splash park. and then the kids wanted their faces painted again. What a great sport Amy was.

Tiffany and Jen, aren't they so beautiful?

Derick and Nathan. Derick was batchin it this weekend. Ranay was in Canada with her mom and sister to a family wedding. (My pictures with Justin and Marisa were too dark being in the shade. . . .besides the fact that I have to run to get a picture of Marisa anytime!!!)

These are our 2 oldest granddaughters. Aren't they beautiful???

Fun Family Times!!!

Face painting, grandkids! How cute are they!